For more than a year now much of our time has been spent on talking about where we, as a congregation, are headed, what work needs to be done, and what changes need to be made.  Over the next few months, we will be taking a Walk Down Memory Lane reminiscing about how we got started, our milestones, and the accomplishments that have taken place. 

In the beginning….. “Chicken fights were held there (at the G.A.R. hall in Whitman) on Saturday nights so someone had to arrive early Sunday morning to sweep up the chicken feathers,” chuckled George Stone, Jeff’s father, reminiscing about the earliest days of Joy in Christ Lutheran Church.

And from Millie Stone:  “The first thing I remember about our worship service at G.A.R. hall is the feathers flying in the hall.  I think they were left over from the Auction (is this a euphemism for the chicken fights? ) they had every Saturday night.  The other thing that stands out in my mind is Eda Johnson greeting each person as they entered the hall.  She was so enthusiastic that if you forgot something in your car and went out to get it, she would give you the same greeting again when you returned.  The pictures on the wall of G.A.R. soldiers with their guns and swords kept the children fascinated during worship.”  After the service on Sunday morning, George and I and the children would get in our car and begin our Evangelism tour.  We would go to all the small towns surrounding Abington and knock on doors, hoping to win new members for St. Marks. 

What memorabilia, or stories, do you have that you would like to share?  You can email your pictures, or stories, to: or
Or, if you prefer, bring what you have to church and Jeff will make copies.  Thank you for your help in this walk down memory lane.
              To be continued in May