Who We Are

In 1957 when Joy in Christ was founded, we were a melting pot of 1st and 2nd generation Americans from Scandinavia (mostly Swedes), Germany, England and other European countries as well as local families from all over the South Shore.  Most, but not all, had a religious background of being a Lutheran.  Amidst our differences in ancestry, we had at least one thing in common:  We wanted to build a local, community family church in which to raise our families and celebrate and express our faith in Christ.

Today, some of our parishioners come from those original families who started the church.  But many of our members and non-members who attend with some regularity come from other Christian denominations who, for one reason or another, became disenchanted with their home church.  It happens.

In the simplest terms, we are a faith community committed to living by the example of Jesus.  

21 South Bedford Street (Route 18) Abington, MA 02351   781-878-3394