21 South Bedford Street (Route 18) Abington, MA 02351   781-878-3394

ALL ARE WELCOME, every Sunday or any Sunday to Celebrate our Faith!

Our worship style is a combination of traditional splattered with radical experimentation for something new and different (at least for us).  We still follow the common lectionary, make modifications when it suits us but we have moved toward a more experimental and experiential form of worship.  Pews have been replaced by chairs.  The organ has been replaced by a keyboard.  The traditional Confession of Sins has been replaced with a more spiritual version of repentance and forgiveness.  We sing contemporary hymns and Christian music along with traditional Lutheran/Christian hymnal favorites.  The folded bulletin and hymnal have been replaced by a laptop, projector and wall screen.

We are trying to move sermons from a replay of the same stories told year after year to how the Gospel of the Risen Christ is alive and real in our lives and our community today.

The overarching goal was not to change for change sake but rather to re-awaken the spirit within us by replacing traditional ‘same-same-same’ worship with varying thought provoking, spirit awakening messaging and music.  We are trying to be respectful but not captive to the traditions in which we were raised, and Jesus is present with and within us through the trying of new things and worship experimentation.